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Anglican Catholic Church

St. Andrew’s is a parish in the Anglican Catholic Church.  We are Anglican because our form of worship is rooted in the tradition of the Church of England and the Book of Common Prayer.  We are catholic because we believe and practice the ancient, universal, and unaltered Faith as handed down by our Lord Jesus Christ to the Apostles.

The word catholic is NOT synonymous with the Roman Catholic Church.  The early church described itself and the faith it believed as catholic.  One church father wrote that the catholic faith is “that which had been believed everywhere, always, and by all.” We believe this but also add that we hold to the faith as handed down by the Apostles, neither polluting it by adding to it; nor diminishing it by taking from it.  This is the Catholic faith.  For the early church the opposite of a Catholic was not a Protestant; the opposite of a Catholic was a heretic.


St. Andrew’s Anglican Catholic Church

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Service Times


9:30-Bible Study

10:30-Divine Liturgy


Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday, Friday-

9:00-Morning Prayer

Other services as announced

St. Andrew’s

Anglican Catholic Church

1524 Sam Bass Rd.

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Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday, Friday-

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